Monday, November 3, 2014

The Gift of a Good Meal

It's not easy to stay motivated to cook three meals a day every day.  It definitely takes work.  It is work, although there isn't pay exchanged. What it adds in financial freedom, and personal enrichment to the family is beyond measure.

So, how do you not get burned out with the fact it is never ending?  Well, you do get burned out.  But in those times, you dig a little deeper and look a little harder to find inspiration for meals.

I know that I can give my family a gift of a good meal three times a day.  It can promote their good health, nourish them physically, and enrich their lives with this work.  I can do these small things every day, which upon reflection later in life, create a rich and hopefully happy home life.  That's what keeps me going, the promise that I can make their lives better each day with what I do.

The comfort of a cozy home, the warmth of a wood fire, the satisfaction of a good meal, and someone to share it with.  Who could ask for more?

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